Family pays

GOOD Friday is one of the most significant dates in the Christian calendar. What I especially noticed in taking time out on Good Friday was that it was the first time, in a very long time, that my entire family was able to be together.

Because of the State Government’s deregulation of shopping hours, my daughter, who works a number of part-time jobs, rarely is able to join in family activities on a Sunday or public holiday.

These deregulated hours have also affected other family members who manage the retail outlets that are staffed by workers such as my daughter. Good Friday, together with Christmas Day, are the last two days that allow us to steal back some family time.

The Commerce Minister Michael Mischin and his Parliamentary Secretary for Commerce, Paul Miles, the Member for Wanneroo, are on the record for wanting further deregulation, including 7am trading for shopping centres.

At what cost to families?

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