Fears allayed

THE unnamed correspondent (Elderly in the dark, Times, August 20) raised concerns that elderly people will lose access to many of the facilities and services they receive from the City of Canning’s Health and Community Care centre on High Road when the local government boundaries change and it comes under the City of Melville.

Other elderly residents have raised the fear of losing access to the Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Centre. Membership for this club stretches beyond the present boundaries of the City of Canning, so I am confident that present members will continue to have access.

I have been in contact with the Mayor of Melville who explained to me that Melville provided a range of age-friendly services similar to Canning.

There is no doubt in Mayor Russell Aubrey’s mind that residents of Canning who become residents of Melville/Fremantle will continue to receive the level of age-friendly care services that they now enjoy.

Those residents in the proposed boundaries of Canning/Gosnells will, as Commissioner Linton Reynolds said in his letter (City’s clear view, Times, August 27), continue to receive the same services that they do now.

I remind all local residents that the proposed boundaries of amalgamation are yet to be finalised and that I am proposing some changes to secure a better outcome for my electorate of Riverton.

Mike Nahan MLA,

Member for Riverton