Fears for future

AS a resident of Rossmoyne Retirement Village for 10 years, I am extremely concerned at the possibility of the City of Melville assuming control of Rossmoyne and the village under the planned abolition of Canning.

Under the present contract, I have a lifetime lease on my unit with the City of Canning and pay $134 a fortnight for maintenance that covers village management, insurance, rates, water and sewerage as well as all repairs and renovations.

Other than personal expenses, my only bills are for telephone electricity and gas.

When I leave, die or need nursing home care, the contract allows for the refund of the purchase price and 50 per cent of the profit on the sale, less cost of refurbishment.

As I am a pensioner, this sum is sufficient to purchase another property.

Other benefits provided by the City of Canning are a weekly, low-cost bus service to the Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Centre and a guarantee that when I am unable to travel by bus to my doctor’s surgery, I will be able to access transport by a car driven by a voluntary driver.

As the City of Melville has contracted out of all its aged-care services and the Minister for Local Government has no risk management plan in place, can someone please provide me with the information as to what I can expect to happen to the village, my contract and the services I receive.

In talking to friends and relatives throughout Australia, the aged-care facilities provided by the City of Canning are the best in the country.