Flags left outside

The main area of concern is that flags are being left flying during the hours of darkness and these flags are not being illuminated.

There are the few dedicated flag owners who bring their flag in at sunset, but there are far too many flag owners, including those on government buildings, who just leave them up all the time.

Part of flag etiquette found on the internet reads: ‘Fly the flag from sunrise to sunset on a clear day. National flags should not be flown in bad weather (e.g. during thunderstorms or hailstorms) unless it is an all-weather flag. If a national flag is flown at night it should be brightly illuminated.’

The flying of a flag during the hours of darkness must cause concern to many RSL veterans.

Flag owners, please go to the link below and you will find Australia National Flag Protocols that will give you directions on flying the national flag: http://www.itsanhonour.gov.au/symbols/flag.cfm