Future is troubling

COMMISSIONER Linton Reynolds’ sense of his value to Canning’s residents, including that of staying on until local government reform concludes, is at odds with the losses planned for us.

As the only council under administration, Canning is to endure the worst outcome of Perth’s 30 metropolitan councils.

Amalgamation with Gosnells has been replaced with plans to abolish the City of Canning. Now we will just be absorbed by the councils around us.

We’ll lose our status as a strategic activity centre and face the steepest rise in rates to match those of Melville, Belmont, Victoria Park and Gosnells.

Our submissions are either ignored or our fate worsens with each decision the State Government makes.

Who will represent us for the long run? Will our executives even be picked for pivotal roles in surrounding councils?

When Mr Reynolds was appointed, he stated that installing an advisory panel of community members, as other Commissioners have done, was ‘not an option’.

Yet several of those community members went on to be councillors, having gained exposure in council matters.

We won’t even have that benefit, when Canning residents are allowed to vote in elections again and bid for a place amongst the more experienced councillors around us.

It’s a troubled legacy.

Diana Ryan, Bentley