Resident implores others to appreciate the religion of Christmas over consumerism

EVERY year when celebrating the two most important Christian events, the name of Jesus Christ is misused for profit and greed, which makes a mockery of a most sacred time.

For example, the Christmas items such as trees, decorations and food of all kinds were on display at least two months before Christmas Day. We are bombarded on TV, in our letterboxes with advertising and wherever we go in the supermarkets with ‘gift ideas’ for our family and friends.

We are brainwashed into believing that Christmas is only about food and more food, presents and more presents, parties and more parties. Don’t worry, we are told: buy now and pay later but we are in debt for a long time after Christmas.

Yes, Christmas is about giving but not as the world understands.

God, our heavenly Father, gave us a precious gift in His Son, Jesus Christ, who came to save humans beings from eternal suffering.

Let us all receive this precious gift of God. It is ours for the asking with repenting hearts.

No other gift in this world can compare. That is worth celebrating.