Good case for city

MINISTER Tony Simpson’s scathing response to the interview with Mr Linton Reynolds, Commissioner for Canning, (Times, December 3) is fairly predictable.

Mr Reynolds made a good case for the City to remain as it is. It has a wonderful record of aged-care services, a service that is lacking in our neighbouring city.

I, like Mr Reynolds, have no confidence in having the same high standard we are used to.

Canning City has had some hiccups in the past (and now) with its council, but at the root of the City is the staff and services that are provided to the residents.

Mr Reynolds is accused of scaremongering. He is speaking no less than the truth, and at the end of the day, if this amalgamation goes ahead and the City is carved up and distributed to other councils it will be too late for an ‘Oops, sorry about that’ from Mr Simpson.

We don’t want Mr Reynolds to be proved right. However, he will be, if this move comes to pass.

My family has lived in this area for 45 years, and as a child newly arrived in Australia, I spent three years with my parents and brothers in the area now known as Shelley. I am angry beyond belief that the State Government in its arrogance can make a decision that affects so many of us without the courtesy of consultation.

This City has a long history, and it is wrong that we should be taken away from it. It has the numbers and infrastructure to remain a city in its own right.

Sheila Paskett, Willetton