Goodbye Canning

WE have lived in Parkwood in the City of Canning for 41 years and have been happy in our dealings with the council.

It has worked very hard to make a very good district for people of all ages.

Then, along comes the State Government and orders councils to merge according to the terms of a poorly constructed scheme that, it seems, is planned on the run.

There is no thought of ratepayers having a say. You will do as we say.

We do not have any representatives as a Government commissioner, Linton Reynolds, runs our council. He seems to be for the ratepayer and even he is very disappointed with the way things are going.

Merger means the loss of identity, mixed in, be absorbed: so goodbye Canning.

All the work done by Canning will go to Gosnells, Melville, South Perth and Belmont/Kalamunda who gain by all the past rates we have paid. We constantly hear of the benefits to other councils by the merger but very little of any to Canning.

I don’t want to be in Gosnells as my house will be devalued just by the name of Gosnells.

When I look at our district it is always kept tidy, verges and parklands are kept in good order and we have security 24 hours, seven days a week. I don’t see Gosnells looking that good even with higher rates.

I wonder what it will do with all the money?

Maybe it is a new council office for the workers.

We notice that many of the public institutions in the City of Canning are being hived off to the other councils who have not done as well, which means that we, as Canning ratepayers, will be unable to access them.

Where are our MPs that were put in by us? I don’t see any comment by the Opposition either for or against the proposed mergers.

They will sit back and wait for an election and do nothing but blame the last government.

I have no faith in any of them.

Elaine Woodcock, Parkwood