Aircraft Noise Gripes Frustrating

I GET frustrated with the moans and groans from people who live in Shelley and Canning Vale about the aircraft noise.

They ought to spend a day in our house.

Above our home, we get many aircraft because at a point above our front door they turn either right or left – left if they go towards the hills and right if they are going to turn and go up the coastline.

When the planes turn right, we get the full blast of their engines and if you have doors or windows open it cuts off conversation.

When they turn left we get the full blast over our patio, so no conversation there either. It has become worse since they opened the new runway.

There is no let up when the airport switches to landing because you can catch the planes as they line up for landing.

It used to be that the aircraft went past the house. Now, when some of them line up to the new runway they come right over the roof.

The planes come down so low that you can almost see into the windows.

There are occasional breaks in between and the breaks in the night are enjoyed.

I have sat on the Shelley foreshore and at Salter Point. I have seen the planes and heard the noise, which is not a patch on the noise we get.

The planes were there when we came and we have learned to live with them by keeping doors and windows closed when we have guests or we telephone our family.

However, it does annoy us when we hear people whingeing and know that they live far way from the real noise.

Some time ago we had someone sell up and move to Canning Vale to get away from the noise.

PATRICIA DAY, East Cannington.