Cleanup Half a Job Done

WE have been dealing since November with the Housing Authority regarding rubbish dumped on the old Kinlock Primary School site in Ferndale.

The City of Canning had also contacted the authority before that as the problem was initially passed to it.

We were given excuse after excuse why it had not been cleaned up and were told the authority was waiting for quotes from contractors.

After frustration regarding the authority’s inaction, an article was sent to the Canning Times with a photo of some of the trash.

We duly received a follow-up call from the newspaper.

The Times followed up with a call to the authority resulting in the rubbish being removed almost immediately on January 13.

However, the authority in its true form has done only half the job by disposing of the hard waste only and leaving the green waste, dumped buildering rubble along with the strewn paper matter.

Maybe we should collect the remaining rubbish and dump it on the authority’s front door.

I am sure we do not want it on ours.

What is wrong with our Government authorities?

It is far from an isolated case that as soon as the media gets involved with issues they are miraculously solved.