Heed the law

WHILE I am driving, is it all right for me to use my mobile phone?

You must think I am a chicken leg short in the bucket asking this question. It is advertised everywhere: caught using a mobile phone/iPod while in control of a vehicle brings a penalty.

It is said using these devices puts yourself, your passengers and other road users in danger of being seriously hurt or killed. Then why do we still have the chicken-leg- short-in-the-bucket people out there?

The law was enacted to deter drivers from using these devices while in the vehicle, and if caught, you will be penalised by receiving a fine and loss of points.

I think it is time we changed the penalty; take fines out of the equation. Fines to most people mean nothing, losing your licence is a different story. It might sound harsh but I value my and my family´┐Żs life.


Seville Grove.