Hollow claim

ISN’T it a shame that we do not have politicians of the calibre of Linton Reynolds, but have to suffer the ones like the local Member for Riverton and others in their clearly undemocratic process.

If we had, we then might be able to trust our politicians because we cannot do so now.

The sitting Member’s claim that he has worked hard for his constituents rings rather hollow in my ears.

My worry is that I don’t know how to warn other ratepayers in Perth, as I imagine he will seek another electorate to represented because he may not be successful in retaining his seat in Riverton.

The Local Government Advisory Board should have been completely neutral, but it is evident from reading in the newspapers that it was not so and having members on the board who were also members of other councils smacks of ‘weighting/loading the dice’.

It appears to me that the result was rigged from the start.

There is only one consolation to draw from this sorry saga. Take heart Mr Reynolds; it takes three people to replace you.

If I were one of the three new appointees, I’d be reluctant to accept the post, knowing that I’d been publicly named and the perception of being only one third as good as the previous incumbent; furthermore, at risk of enduring the petulant decision of the Minister of Local Government if I did not toe the line.

I remain disgusted at our State Government and some members in particular.