Hoons rampaging

I think in the scheme of things tyre ruts and ‘wheely’ marks are of little consequence other than their unsightliness on pavement and dirt tracks.

However, when these hoons rampage through lawn areas and seedlings they damage the very essence of the parkland and their idiocy needs to be questioned.

Overall, churning through bird nesting sites, damaging seedlings, undoing the good works of council and volunteers, and buzzing about like a flight of mosquitoes goes against the very spirit of preservation and belies the nature of the concept of community.

I am not surprised that this idiot has again blighted the park at Ferndale Flats. It may be a coincidence that he’s acted within hours of the Canning Times being delivered, but I think it’s an act of vengeance.

I was expecting it because we are dealing with an idiot. If that is the case, I am surprised this fool can read, though he does not have the mental capacity to understand.

There are hefty penalties that can be imposed on this behaviour and one day this nincompoop will either be hauled up, hurt someone, or do himself serious injury.

I’ve seen this all before and can name people that are either dead or live in a care facility as a consequence of their improper use of a motor bike.