Irony staggers

GIVEN staff at the City of Canning fought furiously to retain their jobs and benefits in the face of local government reform, it�s ironic they�re now behind the push to change our ward boundaries and number of councillors, prior to the community being able to return to democratic governance.

The forthcoming review of Canning�s structure will transcend Commissioner Cole�s assurance that it is just a review, and go on to be a recommendation for change to the Local Government Advisory Board, then the minister, and all prior to October�s elections.

The bid to council outlines the timetable to achieve this, and you don�t authorise a chief executive to apply to the board for extra time to get recommendations in unless you intend to follow through with it.

It won�t be difficult to get an outcome to this review. Limited options are offered, there is only a short consultation period, and we have no experienced councillors who understand the implications of it all to represent us.

The irony of what the staff and Commissioners are trying to do, so soon after sending a letter to the minister expressing the community�s �fervent desire� to remain as it is, is staggering.

DIANA RYAN, Bentley.