Just a mishmash

I feel he is in error by not declaring that the City of Canning is not represented by an elected council, but by a State-appointed commissioner.

The commissioner has indicted the City of Canning is finished and moving onwards to the proposed reforms and will be split in many unacceptable ways, with no representation by any elected councillors or council looking after the ratepayers.

I have not read any acceptable advantages of this reform to our ratepayers. It seems to be a mishmash land grab for political reasons with no representation by our elected State members and State Government.

How can the City of Canning reforms be voluntary with no council representation?

The proposed new Riverton boundary of Vahland Avenue is unacceptable and Willeri Drive/Riley Road is just as bad.

The only true representation by Mike Nahan as our State Member of Parliament would be a poll of the City of Canning ratepayers agreeing to voluntary reforms outlined before the October 4 deadline.

We should only accept the new boundary being the gazetted official Riverton boundary of Bannister Creek. Nothing else would be acceptable.