Kids’ health at risk

THOUSANDS of schoolchildren at schools along Leach Highway including Wilson Primary School, Shelley Primary School, Rossmoyne Senior High School and Melville Senior High School are exposed to high concentrations of carcinogens in diesel exhaust fumes.

Roe Highway Stage 8 has been designed to take care of that problem.

There are no schools nearby, the residential houses are far away and the concrete walls push the carcinogens higher, away from the people while diluting the carcinogen concentration.

Moreover, free-flowing traffic uses less fuel and produces less greenhouse gases than stop-start traffic on Leach Highway.

Therefore, Roe Highway is an elegant and effective solution to protecting the health of people and protecting the environment.

There are small groups of people protesting against the completion of Roe Highway. It appears these people would like to preserve polluting stop-start traffic on Leach Highway instead of less polluting free-flowing traffic on Roe Highway.

The groups opposing Roe Highway�s completion would like to sentence thousands of schoolchildren to continuous exposure to carcinogens that would lead to increased mortality and increased incidence of respiratory problems.