Kill this idea

Clearly Liberal polling has picked up Dr Nahan is absolutely ‘on the nose’ in his electorate over this issue. To spend $3000 of public funds advertising in the Canning Times last week really is the pot calling the kettle black.

To throw that much at advertising over two years from an election highlights the trouble the Liberals are in.

It’s all so unnecessary. Kill off this dumb, outrageous idea now. Accept and admit the proposal to abolish the City of Canning is wrong.

Apart from personality issues covered in the recent inquiry, Canning meets all the criteria the Government says it’s aiming for.

Our council has long been a model for low rates, good and innovative services. It’s seniors and disabled housing being but one example.

I’m sorry Mike, but the Liberals have made a complete hash of this issue. The true cost has been hugely underestimated and ratepayers would pay very dearly. The funding offered in the Budget was a complete insult.

The minister has absolutely failed to demonstrate what is not working with the status quo or where the suggested savings might come from.

For the life of me, I can’t see why so much ‘political capital’ has been wasted on such a dog of an idea.

Having just had nine days in three areas of Queensland, the mess there is so obvious. Way higher rates, poorer services and people feeling disenfranchised. For some it’s so bad they now have to unpick the mess.

Canning ratepayers have been treated with contempt. We have not been consulted and but for the efforts of our Commissioner we would be totally in the dark.

Hands off Canning, then you won’t have to waste advertising money trying to shore up your vote.

TONY OVERHEU, Willetton.