Limits clearer

COMMISSIONER Linton Reynolds has been at the City of Canning for nearly a year.

He needs to stop blaming the suspended council for everything unpalatable that occurs under his watch, while assuming credit for work it did that is now coming to fruition.

Mr Reynolds also needs to explain why, when we are only 22 months out from merging with Gosnells, he’s authorised millions for websites, solar panels on buildings that may be sold, and the hiring of more staff.

Canning has now lost 40 per cent of its land and assets. Oddly, Mr Reynolds hasn’t moved to sell remaining available land, as City of Melville is doing, rather than slugging ratepayers with new fees as we move towards amalgamation and its transition costs.

Without a council, or an advisory panel of community members, there is no one living in Canning able to scrutinise the commissioner’s decisions before they are announced.

Stepping in for a suspended council is one thing, but the commissioner is now determining our future for us.

The limits to this wisdom are becoming obvious.

Diana Ryan, Bentley