Link to disaster

IT will be another shortsighted financial disaster if the nearly half a billion dollar windfall from the Federal Government is squandered on the Perth Freight Link.

Some of the money should be used to redress an earlier act of political vandalism when Labor deleted the Fremantle Bypass from the statutes.

Once this critical transport route is reinstated, it would obviate the need for wasteful expenditure on the ill-conceived and politically expedient proposal of a tortuous and steep-graded route through Willagee and Palmyra.

Land again resumed for the bypass would allow for the inclusion of a direct rail freight link from Spearwood to North Fremantle, which should appeal to those who have been canvassing for greater use of our rail system.

The State Government needs immediately to halt any work on its Band-Aid solution and act to leave a positive legacy in what could be its last months in office. Loss of face is a small price to pay for the community to enjoy a less polluted environment.