Linton did his job too well

Obviously, he had done too good a job of looking after the general residents of the City of Canning ” off with his head.

Mr Simpson said we asked for more representatives/commissioners. We did not ask for more commissioners, we wanted a council.

Linton also met us whenever we asked. Mr Simpson implied that he did not do that.

I strongly suspect that Canning residents do not want their money used to pay the salary of three commissioners.

What has happened to the unfair admonishments that Linton was subjected to for ‘wasting the money of the Canning residents’?

Yet it seems to be all right for some to initiate this spending, which to me seems over the top.

This is not just about Canning and amalgamations it goes further than that and is far reaching.

What does it all say about the ethics and agenda now and into the future of the Liberal Party? I know what I think.

Surely, this type of governance cannot be allowed to flourish. God help us if it does.