Linton greatly respected

He was a Commissioner who was greatly respected by the people of the City of Canning.

As a government appointee, he was put in place after our council had been suspended and we have little doubt that he was expected to dance to his masters’ tune.

Our elected representative showed very little inclination to reflect the views of the majority of the City’s residents, so it was fortunate for us that this one man was prepared to stand for what he believed was right. He spoke on our behalf.

He never indulged in the politics or in personalities, unlike some of his opponents; he simply gathered and presented the facts for us.

Unfortunately, this did not suit the Government’s agenda so, despite the hypocritically honeyed words now describing him, the Government had to get rid of him.

One cannot help wondering if the trio who are to be his replacements have been told to toe the line.

It is now up to us to ensure that those who, without any acceptable reasons, are preparing the death of the City of Canning will be remembered and made to pay the price at the next election.

If for no other reason, we will do it for Linton.

Good luck for the future Mr Reynolds.