Wilson resident implores the new City of Canning Commissioners to hear locals

NOW that the City of Canning has been decimated by the so-called local government reform, we rely even more heavily on our three new Commissioners to look after our interests.

Under the Local Government Act, their duties are to represent “the interests of electors, ratepayers and residents of the district”, provide “leadership and guidance to the community” and facilitate “communication between the community and the council”.

We hope they fulfil their obligations under the Act and not use “legal-speak” and obfuscation to weasel out of their duty.

We have had a council that was not all it should have been and we have been disenfranchised as a result. Yet we remain a sustainable, go-ahead local government.

We made submissions to the Local Government Advisory Board; we attended meetings and protests and made the Government aware of our wish to remain as we were.

No one has listened to us.

We had a government-installed Commissioner who became sympathetic to our cause and who was then despatched by the Government. We have been victimised and silenced, and predatory neighbours have taken advantage of our weakened state.

It would be the final betrayal of democracy if our new Commissioners also ignore our views.

They need to prove to us that they have our interests at heart and are not there merely because they will eagerly do what Local Government Minister Tony Simpson wants.