Live cattle trade: Horror must end

They deserve more humane treatment.
They deserve more humane treatment.

MORE reports emerged recently of shocking cruelty and failure regarding the live cattle trade.

New Zealand ceased exporting livestock several years ago due to animal welfare issues.

However, the livestock industry here has failed time and again in spite of guarantees regarding animal welfare concerns.

Enough is enough: it is time to accept it is simply not possible to continue this horror.

New export markets should be found for our beef and lamb where it is possible to slaughter the animals locally in a humane manner and the frozen meat exported.

It is said many overseas importers do not have refrigeration to accept the frozen meat.

However, I am sure many may have.

An abattoir in the state’s northwest would resolve many unacceptable and shocking conditions continually suffered by animals, as well as providing local employment rather than jobs overseas.

In generations to come, I am certain we will look back and wonder why we ate animals for so long.

There is now such a variety of food available there is no necessity to slaughter animals to sustain a healthy diet.


Bull Creek.