Look up democracy

WHAT planet does Mike Nahan think he is on?

I suggest he looks up the dictionary and re-acquaints himself with what democracy means.

He has spoken of the City of Canning’s attempt to shut down democratic choice not enhance it and that Mr Reynolds is a short-term appointee and should not be spending ratepayers’ money on political actions.

These and other comments Nahan is making are reminiscent of a despot rather than pro democracy.

The number of people who turned up to meetings indicates the interest in being properly informed, which is what we would expect our council to do on such an important decision.

I have not come across one person who has complained about the small amount of money the council has spent on informing the ratepayers.

I have not seen Nahan at any of these public meetings held by the City to inform us on the progress of the Government’s proposed council amalgamation.

On the other hand, I have noticed that the MP for Canning could find the time to attend these meetings to gauge the ratepayers’ response.

How dare Nahan make those assertions without being there; he is supposed to be acting in the ratepayers’ best interests.

There appears to be an overwhelming response from the ratepayers of Canning that the City remains its own entity.

Mr Reynolds, by trying to get a bit of democracy into the decision making and keeping us informed you have my support and I am sure the bulk of the residents support you.

Keep up the good work