Resident calls for fishing ban at Riverton Drive East

I AM so glad that your newspaper made the death of the cygnet an important issue (Times, November 4).

Dogs, bare-footed children and birds are constant victims of the fishhooks and lines left along Riverton Drive East.

For more than 40 years, I have often seen sea birds snatch a fishhook in mid-air and the fisherman reel it in, cut the line and let the bird go with the hook and sinker still attached in its mouth.

Banning fishing here seems to be the only option left. The percentage of offenders may be small, but they greatly outweigh the considerate majority, and they are virtually impossible to control.

Extra rubbish bins have made no difference at all to the amount of rubbish they leave behind.

In addition, the huge increase in traffic on Riverton Drive East has resulted in a lot of wildlife being killed ” and this is supposed to be a conservation area.