Moving quickly

Moving quickly

CITY of Canning chief executive Lyn Russell appears to blame changes at Federal Government level for concerns now over how to keep funding care services for the aged and those with disabilities.

My understanding is that State and Federal governments fund these services, and therefore costs should be contained within these agreements.

But under Ms Russell’s leadership, the decision was made to add the City’s 230 care services staff to its 2013 Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, which increased wages by 14.25 per cent in 18 months.

The State Government’s new My Council comparison website reveals Canning’s expenditure is $122 million, when its income is $106 million. Canning’s Financial Health Indicator is listed as 55, almost half that of the councils around us.

The City continues to employ more staff than Gosnells and Melville, which service larger populations.

At what point does the reasoning for how expensive the City has become wear thin?

I, for one thank the new council for moving quickly to try to contain administration costs, so that critical community services can be continued.