MP not listening

DESPITE his frequent assurances that he is fulfilling the wishes of his constituents, Dr Nahan has obviously not been keeping his ear to the ground.

He is not listening to the people; he cannot possibly be unaware of the absolute rebellion against the Government’s action in throwing the City of Canning on the scrapheap.

I’ve said it before, the arrogance of this Government is beyond belief.

This is still a democracy, I understand, and we should be able to vote on what we, the people of Canning, want.

The headlines in the local papers demonstrate the contempt that our sitting member seems to have for his constituents.

We do not want to be taken over by Melville City Council; we do not want to be taken over by Gosnells City Council or by any other council.

We want to remain as the City of Canning, a vibrant and financially sound council that ticks all the boxes initially required by the Government before it started moving the goalposts in a knee-jerk reaction to mounting objections and criticism from the people.

I hope that common sense will prevail and that this attempt to obliterate us will fail.

It is not too late to admit to an error of judgment.

It takes more backbone to acknowledge a mistake and correct it than blindly to pursue a goal out of bloody-mindedness and face saving, regardless of the outcome.

Certainly there will be more respect for those who have the moral courage to call a halt to a bad decision.