Much learned at Perth Airport Community Forum

I LEFT the Perth Airport Community Forum on Thursday feeling I had completely wasted my time.

However I had second thoughts and realised that I may have learned a few things.

I learned that there was nobody there who would accept responsibility for the aircraft noise we have to suffer.

There was nobody there who would admit to having any power to modify the noise.

There was no one there with any authority whatsoever.

I learned that Air Services Australia (a government body I believe) regards the airlines as its customers rather than the public that pays for it.

Air Services Australia has no power to demand that airlines take alternative routes.

It has no power to ban antiquated and/or overloaded planes, those that cannot attain a reasonable altitude at night.

The only people who can modify any rules regarding noise are Federal MPs (what chance do we have in Tangney?)

The PCAF has changed the format of its meetings so that, now, it cannot be asked sudden and possibly embarrassing questions in front of the assembled public.

So I did learn a few thing after all.

LES DAVIES, Riverton.