Not forgotten

I WOULD like to see the mayor and others on Canning council get the sack because they are too forgetful.

They forgot when they opted out of the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council that the ratepayers would be left holding a debt of more than $20 million.

They also forgot that they would have to find an alternative method of disposing of rubbish, which the ratepayers would have to pay for.

There were many complaints about the lack of maintenance at Willetton Sports Club, going back many years that the City kept forgetting about.

The result was that the repairs and maintenance were stated to be so costly as to put the integrity of the building in question, and in effect the building was officially closed before the mayor and others were suspended.

It is now to be refurbished due to the efforts of Dr Mike Nahan.

Willetton Child Care Centre, situated next to Southlands shopping centre, was given a $132,000 Lotterywest grant to upgrade its facilities, but the City repeatedly forgot to issue a lease, leaving the committee and parents in limbo for more than two years.

I think that it is time that Canning had a mayor and council that are not so forgetful.