Opinion: Dangerous driver didn’t give way

TO THE driver who turned into Roe Highway from Nicholson Road, heading east on Thursday morning (August 17) at 8.45am, driving a silver Holden, I have your number plate.

You need to check the road rules for overtaking and merging.

You entered the highway from the merging lane off Nicholson Road.

I was already on Roe Highway in the left hand lane and gave way to the car in front of you. You were clearly behind them – and me.

You must have enjoyed the thrill of not only overtaking me on my left hand side but also the car I had just let in.

You accelerated to squeeze in between us then sped off changing into the right hand lane.

The road rules regarding merging clearly state that “you must give way to another vehicle if any portion of it is ahead of your vehicle. Remember to keep a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.”

You did none of those things, only frightened me and possibly the other driver half to death.

You risked not only your own life but also those of the drivers around you.


Canning Vale