Opinion: This is why I love Australia

I AM a resident of Cannington and I live in strata residential units consisting of 14 units.

These units are rented or owned by immigrant Australians from different parts of the world, with special mention of the Indian Subcontinent and Asia.

I have been living here for about four years.

My wife and I had a baby about 10 days ago. We have two other children with no family support in Australia.

I am looking after my five and half year daughter and two and half year toddler, which is a full time job.

During this time, the neighbourhood have been very supportive and has been accommodating my children during times when I have to go to hospital to be with my wife.

Since she came back from hospital, the neighbours send food everyday to our house.

For me, this is amazing. I want to mention the support and the help my neighbours are providing.

There are different ethnic groups and religions but this is actually the true spirit of Australia.

That’s why I love Australia. Though I am the immigrant,I am finding my feet in the lucky country.

I personally feel that the good example of local support in this situation can be a good example for others to consider when there are people with no family support.

Their neighbours are their family.

We need that spirit of helping and caring for each other when there are people trying hard to find the differences and divide us.