Opinion: Time to dump useless Mike Nahan


IT is time for the people of Riverton and surrounds to wake from our slumber as we face another State Election and are again saddled with the useless Mike Nahan.

Don’t let this useless “piece of work” hypnotise you with all his handout pittances. Before you cast your vote, put on your thinking caps and wisely reflect on the past eight years.

The Federal Liberal Party saw its mistake and liberated us of Dennis Jensen. Yet Premier Colin Barnett, in his “wisdom”, persists in saddling us with Mike Nahan, whose productivity record has more holes than a sieve, with any significant achievement practically non-existent.

This man is the State Treasurer who cannot even cope with the demands of his own electorate.

We all know about the financial hole our state is in and the pollies are quick to blame the downturn on mining revenue, but don’t believe a word of it.

We’ve had little or no word or input from Mike Nahan over the past four years, but suddenly his face starts appearing on billboards, the media and our mail boxes.

Yes. It’s election time again!

I had a good chuckle when I read his latest pamphlet deposited in my mailbox and his so-called accomplishments.

Canning Men’s Shed, $11,273; bowling clubs, $228,733; Riverton Ed Support Centre, $10,000; Kidsport, $102,000; Willetton Community Garden, $21,114; Rossmoyne Community Garden, $66,356 etc, etc.

And, on top of it all, he has the gall to take credit for the Fiona Stanley Hospital, Castlereagh School, Willetton High School Extension, a geothermal bore at Riverton Leisureplex and the Roe Highway extension.

Do the sums and be stunned by the arrogance of this man who seems to think we are all fools. Are we?

Strange he never mentioned the NBN implementation, which was said to be imminent ages ago. Now it’s the same old story of “doggie here’s a bone” trying to sweeten us with trivialities.

For the past eight years our so-called representative has done nothing significant for the Riverton electorate and it is time for him to go.

I’m not prompting you to vote for any particular party but, whoever you vote for, put Mike Nahan last on your ballot.

If you have any doubts in your mind, just reflect over his last two terms. If you can find something truly significant, then vote for him.

Dump Mike Nahan or don’t complain about any of the obvious deficiencies. We deserve someone of substance.

I have lived in Riverton for decades. Before, we had Graham Kierath who was miles ahead of our current representative. I am a Liberal supporter but I will never vote for anyone just because they are from that party.

My representative has got to prove his/her worth to me. Give me quality or I won’t give you my vote.

Nahan did not get my vote four years ago and will not get it on this occasion.