Opinion:Blood boils over $10.8m payout to Aus Post chief

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THE headlines this morning really got my blood boiling. I didn’t need a cup of coffee to get me fired up for the day.

However, I would like to fire the group that sanctioned the obscene amount of money for the departing head of Australia Post (AP).

Yes, the chief executive Ahmed Fahour received $10.8 million hand out in his final pay packet, bonuses in achievement for 80 per cent.

Profits were up – not difficult when you increase the price of stamps and cut down on delivery.

What a genius.

Taxpayers can ill afford this huge payout while we have so many homeless and mothers and children sleeping in cars.

Soon we will save more when the snail mail goes the way of telegrams.

But according to the papers, it was because the focus on parcel post and e-commerce that increased the profitability of Australia Post.

My personal experience with AP’s overseas parcel post was so disappointing, that that I told the packaging houses not to use the Australian service when I ordered from overseas.

DHL and Fedex would leave them for dead. With these other companies it took 4-6 days from Florida to Perth and I could track it all the way.

Using Australia Post, for the same cost, it took more than 14 days and tracking was diabolical.

This was mainly because the goods went into the eastern states after leaving Hong Kong, then I presume by road to Perth.

Packages by DHL and Fedex came direct to Perth after clearing Hong Kong.