Oppose split

The first is the City commissioner referring to a rate rise if part of Canning Vale is removed from the City.

This is a perfectly logical view but it is hoped this is not a softening-up process for a larger-than-normal rate rise in the City with only the commissioner and council executive to put their points of view.

I find it hard (if my interpretation of council minutes is correct) to agree with an arrangement whereby the commissioner as chairman at council meetings has the power to move a motion and then is the only person able to vote on the matter.

I believe the last time the City had a commissioner there was also a panel of local residents (including the future mayor Dr Lekias) to help and assist; their local knowledge being invaluable in the interest of residents.

The point of removing part of Canning Vale from the City should be opposed by everyone. This area was developed by a good council and executive and it should not be penalised for its success.