Patient grateful

I AM writing this because of my experiences at Fiona Stanley Hospital, where I was recently admitted through Emergency twice during a two to three-week period.

From the very first people who treated me and looked after me, the ambulance medics, through every person who I had contact with at Fiona Stanley Hospital, ending with the people who discharged me, I am truly grateful for the professional care and compassion that was shown by every one of you towards my wife, my children and me.

Throughout the time that I was treated, both what had happened to me and the different courses that could be taken to try to pinpoint the causes and the possible treatment, was explained to me in very clear and understandable language.

For such a large number of people in an organisation of this size to show this type of consistent care and understanding could only come from a culture that has been developed through the people themselves.

I cannot name all the people who looked after me, but I can say that from every person I received the same humane, relaxing professional treatment and attitude.

Combine this with, at the right time, a fair amount of humour and relaxing conversation and my well-known anxiety was reduced to a very low level.

The way I was treated turned what was a very worrying time for me and my family into an almost enjoyable experience.

No, I do not want to book in again, if I can avoid it.

I am sure that the treatment and advice that I received made it much more likely that I will not be re-admitted.

JOHN ALLEN, Riverton.