Pick up rubbish

IT is a sad state of affairs when there is advertising on television by children, asking people to pick up their own rubbish and tidy up after themselves. Wow, that is a new idea.

This should all be behaviour learnt at home from early childhood, by parental example, so that children learn to care for their own space and have respect for other people’s property and the environment.

Everything has continuing consequences and in the end, it affects us all.

We have to lose the attitude that picking up rubbish should be someone else’s job.

Let 2014 be the year when each of us picks up some rubbish when we are walking.

Better still, the solution would be if we disposed of our rubbish thoughtfully even if someone was not looking (this should include your “doggy doos”).

Do that a few times and soon it becomes a habit.

Regina Drummond, Kenwick