Please explain

PERHAPS Minister Nahan can explain to us why he has been saying that it’s not possible for the City of Canning to remain as it is when a Local Government Advisory Board representative advised on August 12: ‘I can confirm that the board has not made any final decisions on any proposals.

‘It is still in the process of preparing its report to the minister, which will contain the board’s final recommendations.’

Moreover, the representative said it was possible that the board might reject all proposals and recommend Canning remain as it was.

Even if the board chose to recommend a proposal that would change Canning, the minister or Government might decide not to implement it. Therefore, it was difficult to guess the outcome of the process, the representative said.

Is Minister Nahan just being misleading or is it the Government’s intention to carve up the City of Canning regardless of the board’s recommendations?

If the Government (of which he is a minister) means to ignore our wishes and force through the abolishment of the City, then the whole board process is a lie and a sham and we have been conned.