Verge Collection

I AGREE with Russell Gardiner’s comments in the report in last week’s edition on the dumping of rubbish throughout vacant land in Ferndale.

Adding to Russell’s comments there are three points I wish to make:

First, council provides a great service with the collection of kerbside household hard and green waste. However, why is it OK for residents living opposite parklands e.g. Adenia Road, which are lovely parkland verges, to move their waste [hard and green] over the road and dump it all on the park verge.

There are other locations throughout Ferndale where this happens.

Second, why is it OK for the residents with large road frontages i.e. Metcalfe Road, to have others pull up and dump rubbish outside on their verges?

Third, I understand council requests we residents take note of “dumpers” but what will really happen? A friend in Hybanthus Road, again a wide verge frontage, has had people pull up and dump their rubbish late at night on his verge.