Police onlookers

I BELIEVE writer Rex Sallur was 100 per cent correct with his letter in the December 8 edition headlined “Out in force”. The fact that 20 police officers were present at a peaceful protest about the Roe 8 project was beyond belief.

Western Australia is already know as a “nanny” state and last thing that we need is to be also known as a “police” state.

I spent 25 years of my life working for the Police Department and I know just how far they are stretched for numbers. Therefore, to have that many of their valuable staff tied up with a non-threatening situation like that is ludicrous.

Maybe both our Police Minister and Commissioner could have a serious discussion about the efficient distribution and use of our limited number of police officers.

After all, their main job is to protect the public of WA and not to be spectators at some peaceful rally.’