Opinion: Policies wrong when it comes to refugees

SEVERAL times recently, I found myself pausing at the end of my son’s cot. As I watched him sleep I was continually haunted by the image of a very similar baby boy; washed up on the shore in Turkey, who will never wake from his nightmare.

I am sure that I am not the only parent who has found themselves mourning the loss of that innocent little soul (along with the others lost alongside him that day) and being silently thankful that my own children were lucky enough to be born into a safe environment and not forced to flee from home, family and friends to search for asylum in a foreign country.

I am certain that the little boy’s family held very similar hopes and dreams for their son that I hold for mine.

By either divine grace or pure chance, our families’ circumstances are not reversed. I truly cannot imagine the desperation and terror that these poor people must have experienced to have found themselves on that boat.

It horrifies me to think that such people would be turned back from refuge in our country. Our present asylum seeker policies are inhumane. All children deserve to wake up and live out their lives and dreams.