Policy strange

THANK you for your support regarding the problems that the residents of Renou Street and Wellington Street, Queens Park are having with the speeding traffic and hoon behaviour.

I was surprised to read in the August 13 edition report that the City of Canning had a policy of not installing speed humps on residential streets.

Yet only a few years ago, 20 speed humps were installed on Mallard Way, Cannington and 16 speed humps were installed on George Street, Cannington because of hoon behaviour.

Main Roads has a policy of not installing 50km/h speed signs in built-up areas. Therefore, how are people to know the limit?

I cannot understand why it has this policy when there is speeding, dangerous tailgating and regular abuse of drivers who adhere to the 50km/h limit in Renou Street.

Surely, it would not be difficult and at a small cost to paint 50km/h speed limit signs on the roadway at different sections of Renou Street and Wellington Street.

An alternative is to divert southbound traffic from Renou Street into Fitzroy Street and then along Railway Parade, which has a 60km/h speed limit and no homes until Beckenham.

There is also the option of turning left at the roundabout at the corner of Gerard Street and Railway Parade and getting easy access to the overpass and avoiding the dangerous Renou-Gerard streets intersection.

The City’s policy eventually to upgrade Sevenoaks Drive to a dual carriageway is the impossible dream. I will believe in the tooth fairy if that becomes a reality.

Gil Watson, Queens Park