Poor progress

NOT so long ago

When boarding a train,

You would make eye

Contact with strangers

And hear this refrain:

“Good Day, How are you?

Do have a good day.”

You would make conversation

As you travelled along,

You would even hear someone

Humming a song.

Those days are gone,

I’m sorry to say.

You may still board a train

But what do you see?

Heads down as in prayer

With laptops on knee!

No one makes eye contact,

No “Good days” are said,

They are all too busy

With mobiles and music

Strapped to their head.

If this isn’t enough

There’s more they can do

It’s: Just cough in your phone

To see “If you have the flu’!?�

If this is what they call “progress”

From me, they can keep it.

Bring back the “good old days”.