City of Canning resident questions objectivity of the Local Government Advisory Board

WHAT a shambolic state of affairs. Mr Simpson and the Local Government Advisory Board should hang their collective heads in shame and embarrassment.

How can you have a balanced and impartial decision when a member of the advisory board is also a chief executive of one of the ‘grabbing’ city councils?

The whole process has been farcical and would make a comic opera worthy of Gilbert and Sullivan if it weren’t such a serious matter.

For months, we have had conflicting decisions, ranging from amalgamations to boundary changes, depending on which goalposts the Government wants moved.

The wishes of the people, particularly the City of Canning ratepayers, have not been considered, in spite of the considerable noise we have been making by way of petitions, submissions, letters to the papers and any other means we can think of.

Moreover, what I have previously called the ’boutique’ councils of the western suburbs have been left alone, which was one of the main reasons this whole process started in the first place.

How fair and democratic is that?

In his television interview, Mr Barnett said that he thought the people were happy and that there were no complaints about the process/result’