Public’s concerns are well-founded

Just to get into a country, they can say, ‘If I go back, I will be killed’. What a lovely play on emotions.

We must not be taken in by these lines.

One reads of, say, Tamil Tigers ” and many Sri Lankans have been coming ” but that fracas has abated.

A Sri Lankan spoke on radio and said things there were quiet and even he could not understand why they still come here.

Let us take the Muslim countries from where asylum seekers come too.

In many cases of terrorism, it has been these very immigrants who bite the hand that feeds them.

My question to Andrea is this: Why is it they leave so many countries nearer to their own shores, and often with the same language, to aim for places like ours, much further way?

It is not government hype, the hype is from the general public.


Queens Park.

I REALLY must congratulate the Canning Times for its outstanding covers.

I read many of the community newspapers, but Canning’s often poignant, human-interest focused front pages, and the evocative photography that frames the articles, stands out head and shoulders over the others.

The paper also does a great job showcasing just how many talented people our City has.



ON a recent Saturday evening, I took my two grandchildren, aged three and 10, to dinner at Fast Eddys, Cannington.

Nothing out of the ordinary ” kids played in the play area after we had ordered.

Meals arrived, we ate, ordered dessert ” quite normal.

There were quite a few people dining, but I didn’t take much notice of anyone in particular.

After a couple of hours, we headed toward the counter to pay, when the waitress asked if I knew the people that had been dining at the table next to us.

I replied, ‘No! Why?’

The waitress then informed me that before they left, they also paid for our meal. They made it clear to her it was what they wanted to do.

I was gobsmacked. I don’t know who these people are.

I am still blown away by this kind deed and would like to thank them very much.

I don’t know how else I can reach out to them.