Ratepayers have no say on future

AS I read your front-page report of October 8, Counting the cost, the City of Canning commissioner is trying do the right thing by Victoria Park by giving it part of Welshpool, because the City of Perth wants Burswood.

All this to be seen to be doing something, which the council really doesn’t want or need to do at all ” that is, alter the boundaries.

As a result of ceding part of Welshpool, a rate increase of 28 per cent on top of this year’s 10 per cent increase is expected by the council’s consultant.

In addition, the council has had no time to price the cost of the amalgamation proposal, so add that in as well.

So where are all the promised efficiencies from amalgamation, which are supposed to reduce or at least hold steady the price of local government for ratepayers?

Further, Canning residents face a situation where what should be a caretaker administration is actually making key policy decisions about the future without any means of formal democratic input from Canning ratepayers.

A Powerpoint presentation about the commissioner’s proposal, which was due in to the government that same week, at a meeting which was advertised late, does not equate to proper consultation with ratepayers, given that Canning councillors are currently suspended and have no formal means of representing ratepayers’ views.

Geoff Taylor, Riverton