Reasons seen as political

DR Nahan doesn’t want to participate in the Save Canning campaign (MLA scorn City action, Canning Times, August 19).

He wants his whole electorate to be in the City of Melville.

Looking at other electorates in the metro area, these will be split, as most are, into different local government councils.

Is the word Gosnells so abhorrent to him to be associated with it?

Statements about this not being a highly politicised campaign, you have to ask why Dr Nahan wants his electorate in one council region if not for political reasons.

As far as the campaign being an attempt to shut down democratic choice, the City of Canning, under an un-elected Commissioner, did not contemplate a submission to keep Canning largely intact, or as is.

It bowed to the Government’s option at that time, against the wishes of the community, then provided a submission that retracted that because of community uproar.

Mr Reynolds’ comment, ‘our position is the community view is the most important and that is what the fight for Canning is about’, is a little too late Commissioner.

Instead of pleasing the Government, you should have been listening and consulting the community and its democratic choice, which you are there to represent in the first instance.


(suspended City of Canning councillor),

Canning Vale