I Live In A City That Is Not There – Riverton

I LIVE in a city that is not there,

Because, my friends, you did not care.

Suspended council had no say

In our defence from day to day.

Our administrator, heroic man,

Tried to help but got the can.

Election time we got caught,

Suspended council so no vote.

Our elected member missed each meeting

Tho’ his electors filled the seating.

Ignored the poll, refused petition,

to Cabinet his foremost mission.

Now all opposition shown the door

Our lovely city is no more.

Is it just more airport ploys?

We are not here to hear the noise?

That aircraft make all day and night,

We don’t exist so cannot fight.

And now the greatest hurt of all,

It hurts each one big or small,

The hurt, the pain, the final rub,

Coles are going to close our pub.