Save a greyhound, please

Save a greyhound, please

PLEASE people adopt or foster a greyhound from the Greyhound Rescue group who care after their racing owners, find no use for them and are discarded like an old boot.

These dogs are so placid and gentle by nature, that it is hard to believe how humans have trained them to chase live bait.

Humans should reflect on their greed to make money out of lovely, quiet natured animals of all types and allow them to live their lives out naturally.

The worst case in point are the bears in China who sit and are not allowed to stand or turn for 15 years or more in tight, restrictive cages because their bile is extracted.

Because the tube might drop out, no movement whatsoever is allowed.

Imagine their pain. We sit in one position for a couple of hours and we get cramps.

The secretion is meant for that animal, not for us.

If we were to have any secretion taken out of our bodies we would suffer some illness, so leave them also to enjoy the forest and play with their babies.


Queens Park.