Opinion: Savings proposed to City of Canning

INSTEAD of raising our rates every year, our new council should be looking at ways to reduce the rates.

I have a proposal to save the city rubbish removal cost.

Now our rubbish truck comes down each street twice. My idea is for all householders on the even number side of the street on week one and two to put their bins on the odd number side and on week three and four for householders on the odd number side to put their bins on the even side.

This would not apply to our dual carriageways or busy main roads

The result would be less noise, tyre wear and replacement, engine replacement and saved fuel and time.

The cost to ratepayers would be an extra 12 metres to walk twice a month. Reduced cost equals saving that can pass on to the ratepayers.

It all about working smarter: I am sure there are many other ways the City can save money.

It only has to be willing to look.