Shadows cast over Bassendean urban infill: Letter to Editor

WE all know that urban infill is inevitable but our Town council seems to think it all must happen here in Bassendean.

In recent times we have had council approval for three multi-storey apartment blocks in the main street, a five-storey block on the grounds of St Mark’s church behind the Bassendean Hotel car park and now plans for more high-rise multi-storeys around the Oval.

Judging by letters published in the Eastern Reporter, people are not happy with too many towering shadows overlooking our community.

Progress is progress and I am all for more housing in Bassendean.

But it appears to me that this council has become a bit over-excited in a very short time and seems to be more interested in being a trailblazing “cornerstone of the eastern region”.

It has forgotten about the most important asset it has – me and all the other existing ratepayers and community-spirited people who choose to live in Bassendean because of its charm and country feel.

What is wrong with two-three storey buildings?